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Why YOU should vote Green on 12th December!

Let's be honest, in South West Hertfordshire and Hemel Hempstead, however tactically we vote, we have little chance of getting the Tories out. So, in this election, vote with your conscience - vote for the planet by voting Green!

If not now, when?

Here are some reasons to tell your friends and family to vote Green:

  • We’re in a climate emergency - if you won’t vote Green now, when will you? We have 10 years to avert catastrophe, 5 of which will be governed by whoever wins this election.
  • Press coverage - the more votes the Green Party get, the more coverage the BBC and other broadcasters are required to give us.
  • A strong message to the other parties - this election has probably been the greenest yet! We had our first ever climate debate and every party has something to say on climate change (all parties are offering to plant trees). But it’s not enough! If the Greens get a huge vote share, it shows just how important climate change is to the British public.
  • The Labour Party started from nothing - everything has to start somewhere, even political parties. If many millions of people hadn't chosen to vote for the Labour Party when it first started, it wouldn't be the main opposition party now. The Greens need your vote to grow to a viable opposition party in the UK. 
  • Short Money - the more votes we get, the more money we’re given as an opposition party in the House of Commons. The more money we have, the more we can campaign and the more our MPs can do in Parliament.

So get out there and vote for Tom Pashby or Sherief Hassan on 12th December!

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