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7 August 2015


Q: Who are your green heroes and why?

My Green heroes are Gerrard Winstanley, the English activist who stood up for people’s right to exist on the land in the 17th century, and his contemporary equivalent, Rajagopal PV the Gandhian peace activist and forest rights campaigner - who I met in 2010.


Q: Which TV programmes, newspapers, websites or people do you trust for information and why?

I tend to check out the BBC for the “received wisdom” on all topics but even they don’t always get it right. All media is biased or it is bland and boring, so I try to read from all sides. I do read the Mail and the Telegraph, but tend to agree more with the Guardian especially on environmental matters!


Q: What works of art or films or books or photos or types of music speak to your heart and why?

I do love a good French movie;  The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is an incredible film. I love all kinds of music from folk to classical to reggae to Indian, Middle Eastern, African,  Eastern European. Strangely, I don’t like any French singers  - except Daft Punk!


Q: Who are your favourite performers – comedians, actors, dancers, musicians (dead or alive) and why?

When it comes to sheer performance and stage presence – who could beat Freddie Mercury?


Q: What is your favourite place, country or community and why?

I like any place without cars. The Princes Islands near Istanbul are lovely with horse-drawn carriages and the unforgettable and almost deafening sound of people’s voices in the port. I also like Bristol (see picture)


Q: Which sports or games/pastimes do you enjoy and why?

Pastime is an odd concept to me. Why do you want to find a way to pass the time when there is always so much to do? If I was a bit more energetic I’d go swimming regularly and maybe play badminton. I always wanted to try fencing – is it too late?


Q: If you have ever had hobbies, what were they and what did you get out of them?

I love creative writing. It fills me with joy and calms me down.


Q: What do you feel about your education and why?

I was lucky to get the education I wanted without getting in debt.


Q: What have been your greatest challenges and how have you dealt with them?

The hardest things I have done are ironically the most ordinary things you have to do like learning to drive (almost impossible at the time) learning to type (still struggling), speaking a foreign language and of course, giving birth!


Q: What things in the world and/or your personal life give you hope and why?

The space probe reaching Pluto. It took a lot of fossil fuel to exit the atmosphere – but once on its journey it relied upon renewable energy and human ingenuity to reach its destination. I would like to think this a metaphor for the trajectory of humanity.   

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