Why Am I Green

16 September 2015

I taught myself to love nature by reading Romantic poetry and walking in the countryside around the Northern towns where I grew up. If you learn plant names, watch the seasons and look out for living creatures you become attached to nature. It was when I realised how serious climate change is that my feelings turned political and I joined the Green Party. I didn’t have a moment of conversion , it crept up slowly and now has become part of my writing. As an author , I want to describe how climate change turns everything upside down, changing our feelings and what we consider to be beautiful. This poem was my first attempt at doing that.


In Praise of Wind Turbines


Arms out doing wheelies

they practise at dawn.


Long slow strokes, turning over,

keep the earth moving.


It’s a catch, low down, taken cleanly,

and thrown up to the sun.


An animal grown tall,

grazing all day on air.


Each in position, turning arabesques,   

their moves are clean.  


Upside down cyclists, 

they hold up the sky.


They will go the distance.

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