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24 January 2019

Sherief Hassan Bernard Hurley and Robert Theophile pictured in Boxmoor

Preparing for local council elections in May 2019, our three local activists and campaigners Sherief Hassan, Bernard Hurley, and Robert Theophile have been trudging the streets of Hemel Hempstead, over the past two years.  They have been posting leaflets through doors and canvassing views of residents on different issues. 

Look out for their newsletter arriving through every door in the area. 

Together, the team are looking at problems around transport, parking, graffiti and litter: 

- Public access to the train station - lack of buses and joined up thinking

- Pressures on local roads caused by parking 

- Litter, dog mess and vandalism affecting our precious open spaces   

Green solutions to all these problems exist. We all need to work together.  

To contact the team email info@dacorum.greenparty.org.uk




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