Greens see a huge increase in their vote share across Dacorum in the Local elections

8 May 2019

This election saw an unprecedented 'Green wave' across England with 265 Green Councillors elected - an increase of 185. The Green Party is now represented on 122 councils - if that doesn't give you a bit of hope, I don't know what will! 

Locally, we secured two seats on the Berkhamsted Town Council - congratulations to Paul de Hoest and Maryjane Hardinge. They join a predominantly Lib Dem council, many of whom are environmentally-minded. We hope to see some positive changes in Berkhamsted in the years to come. 


In our target ward, Boxmoor, we, unfortunately, suffered the effects of the Lib Dem surge. A huge thank you to Sherief, Robert and Bernard for working non-stop during campaigning - it was a hard-fought ward and their work will surely pay off in future elections. 

Across Dacorum, the Green Party’s average vote share increased from 2015, and we pipped Labour to become Dacorum’s 3rd largest party (on average vote share). We came 2nd in two wards, and 3rd in 10 wards. Considering our campaigning was limited in the majority of wards, that’s really quite impressive! 

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in some way: either as candidates, leaflet deliverers or canvassers - you were all fantastic.  

And a massive thank you to Mark Rutherford who ran the whole show: The man’s a one-man-green-machine. We salute you. 


All the results for Dacorum can be found here

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