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Sherief Hassan speaks out on Public Transport in Hemel NW

Sherief Hassan, our candidate for Hemel NW, is an outspoken supporter of public services - particularly in transport.

Sherief says,

"We need to think differently. We need new ideas, not just the same old excuses. We Greens have been consistent in our messages and our core beliefs. Only now, when it's getting late in the game, are the other parties catching up with us!"

He speaks about his commitment to public transport here:

Sherief Hassan, Our county council candidate for Hemel Hempstead NW, has made a series of short videos that look at issues that affect us all, and his view for the future.

Posted by Dacorum Green Party (UK) on Sunday, 2 May 2021

Vote for Sherief Hassan for Hemel Hempstead North West on 6th May

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