Northchurch by-election results

10 March 2018

The Green Party stood a candidate in the recent Northchurch by-elections, Thank you Joe!

Dacorum Green Connections - Supporting Small Scale Coffee And Cocoa Farming

25 January 2018

In this weeks podcast - Supporting Small Scale Coffee And Cocoa Farming.

Next Meetings

25 January 2018

Forthcoming DGP meetings

Next Meetings

07 December 2017

Dates for forthcoming meetings of Dacorum Green Party

Dacorum Green Connections Podcast - Episode 1

07 November 2017

Dacorum Green Connections Podcast is a regular discussion of environmental issues in Dacorum - this is the first episode, discussing the recent Green Party Conference.

An insurgent force for good

22 September 2017

Dacorum Green Party members will be at the Green Party conference next month. The conference will address the political challenge of how to collectively design a future where we can all thrive – and have a larger life. Read this article by Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley

Dacorum Green Party at Stop The Arms Fair

10 September 2017

Members of Dacorum Green Party attended the Stop the Arms Fair demonstration over the week 4-11th September. The following article was provided by Leslie Tate.

A summary of our crisis! OR Why do we need the Green Party?

17 May 2017

We are obsessed by economic growth – infinite growth on a finite planet does not work. In any case, our measure of economic growth: GDP, does not measure human welfare and so is a very poor guide for policy.

The only vote that is wasted is a pointless ‘tactical’ vote.

17 May 2017

Paul de Hoest looks at the right time to vote tactically, and when to vote for what you believe in.

Green Party in a Nutshell

17 May 2017

Paul de Hoest, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for South West Herts, sets out the Green Party for beginners.


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