Sherief Hassan - parliamentary candidate for Hemel Hempstead

Sherief Hassan - Dacorum Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Hemel Hempstead

The Dacorum Green party is pleased to confirm that at a general meeting of the membership, Sherief Hassan, the previous Parliamentary Candidate in the 2017 and 2019 general elections was reselected to contest the Hemel Hempstead seat in the upcoming General Election.

Sherief has lived and worked in Hemel Hempstead for over 25 years where both of his children were born in Hemel Hospital. As well as working self-employed as a media consultant, Sherief has volunteered with Radio Dacorum as a presenter, is on the committee of the Friends of Halsey Field Local Wildlife group, and is a co-opted committee member of the Boxmoor trust.

Sherief has been campaigning for the Green Party in Dacorum for several years and given a commitment to never stop fighting for a clean future for the generations to come.

He said, “Hemel Hempstead is in desperate need of reliable trains and buses – and the situation is getting worse. If our rapidly growing town is to be sustainable, we have to fix this long-term problem now! Just building houses won’t fix our problems.”

Sherief stated, “For Greens the real challenge is the Climate Emergency. We are missing the opportunity to make the changes that safeguard all of our futures.

We are witnessing a very worrying decline in our environment, oceans, and air quality. We desperately need a Green New Deal to address climate chaos, prioritise renewables and public transport and to deliver a better way of life."

Every policy we make is tested to make sure it works for the common good and is sustainable.

Our planet needs people in power who recognise that we are living in a climate emergency and are dedicated to taking action.

No other party has accepted that action has to happen now, not put off until later. The way that we treat our situation now will impact in five years. What we see now is due to the inaction from 2019 – the first time I ran for parliament. Let’s stop the irresponsibility and make real change where it’s needed.”

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