Our Key Public Faces

Paul De Hoest and Mary Jane Hardinge were elected as our first Green Councillors on Berkhamsted Town Council and have been active with Lib Dem Councillors to bring much needed change to the town.

The 'Green in the Room' effect of bringing an urgency for change is real.

In order to understand and represent local views and priorities, our councillors talk to local residents and encourage them to make their views known. Good communication and engagement is central to being an effective councillor - so please talk to us and tell us your views.

Our Co-ordinator, Mark Rutherford, is our direct connection to the regional and national party as well as being the main contact for any new members.

Sherief Hassan is our Representative for Hemel Hempstead and is a Green campaigner, volunteer and is our current Press Officer.

Joseph Stopps is our Representative for Tring. He's an active Green campaigner and the founder of Plastic Free Tring

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Local Elections 2021

You can see our list of County Council and Borough by-election candidates here.

Paul de Hoest

Paul De Hoest

Town Councillor: Berkhamsted Castle

Mark Rutherford

Mark Rutherford

Dacorum Green Party Coordinator

Joseph Stopps

Joseph Stopps

Tring Representative

Mary-Jane Hardinge

Mary Jane Hardinge

Town Councillor: Berkhamsted West

Sherief Hassan

Sherief Hassan

Hemel Hempstead Representative